Tiger Brands Case Study



Tiger Brands is Africa’s largest food manufacturer housing some of the most iconic SA brands including, Tastic, Jungle Oats, Oros, Black Cat and Albany.  As a group, Tiger Brands were looking for a digital agency to take care of all there digital media requirements for over 40 brands. This included Digital Audits, Strategy, Planning, Buying and ROI reporting.

With years of experience in the digital aspace and deep relationships with the major ad platfortms including Google, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, NOP Digital were able to deploy an enterprise solution to save costs, drive conversions and move product from one centralized platform.

A huge part of the job was to report back to Tiger on where and how we spent their budgets and what returns they recievd on the sizeable investment.



Over a 2 year period, we were able to save a whopping 42% in adspend on Facebook and over 20% on numerous other platforms. All of this related to increased budget availability which meant more campaigns for longer timeframes and better bottom line results.

Through the always on efforts from our media , client service and management teams, we made a real difference and all this through one of the toughest trading periods in recent history, the Covid-19 Pandemic.