RCL Foods - Flora Margarine

Company Background

Flora, a renowned culinary brand, was developed in the 1960s as a response to the medical community’s demand for a healthier alternative to butter. The company aimed to improve heart health and enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Initially available in pharmacies, it took two years for Flora to enter grocery stores, marking the beginning of its journey towards becoming a household name.

The Problem:

Flora faced technical on-page SEO challenges, including issues with meta descriptions, title tags, and alt text tags. Furthermore, the company lacked a cohesive digital content strategy and calendar to emphasize its brand and increase organic brand visibility. To compound the challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Flora to undergo a significant brand transformation, focusing on healthier living and the role of Flora products in promoting heart health. Flora turned to NP Digital for assistance in addressing these issues and navigating the brand shift during and post-pandemic.


NP Digital implemented a comprehensive SEO program to address Flora’s technical on-page SEO issues. This involved optimizing meta descriptions, title tags, and alt text tags to improve search engine visibility and enhance the overall user experience. By rectifying these technical issues, Flora’s online presence became more robust and accessible to potential customers.

To tackle the challenge of consolidating Flora’s content strategy, NP Digital developed a cohesive content calendar. This calendar aligned with the brand’s new positioning focused on healthier living and heart health. By creating and distributing relevant and engaging content, Flora was able to establish itself as an authoritative voice in the culinary industry. This content-centric approach also played a crucial role in increasing organic brand visibility, driving traffic, and elevating Flora’s position in search engine rankings.


Through the implementation of an SEO program in 2014, Flora achieved remarkable success. Thirty key keywords consistently ranked within the top 10 search results on Google, bolstering online visibility and driving increased website visits, brand awareness, and product sales. Notably, the keyword “Flora Margarine” maintained its position at the top of the search results from 2014 to 2023, exemplifying the sustained success of the SEO efforts. NP Digital ensured that all brand-related keywords consistently maintained their rankings on the first page of search results, solidifying their position for over a decade.

Between 2013 and 2014, Flora experienced an impressive surge in organic traffic, with a remarkable 336.01% increase. The number of users visiting Flora’s website soared from 4,010 in 2013 to 17,484 in 2014, highlighting the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.

The collaboration between Flora and NP Digital yielded significant results. Flora’s online visibility witnessed a notable increase, driving more website visits and raising brand awareness. With sustained rankings of key keywords on the first page of search results for over a decade, Flora solidified its position as a leader in the culinary industry.

Furthermore, the surge in organic traffic showcased the success of the SEO program and content strategy implemented by NP Digital. Flora experienced an exceptional 336.01% growth in organic traffic within a year, indicative of the increased interest and engagement with the brand.


Flora’s partnership with NP Digital proved to be transformative for the brand. By addressing technical on-page SEO issues and implementing a robust content strategy, Flora was able to strengthen its online presence and reinforce its position in the market. The sustained rankings of key keywords, increased website visits, and heightened brand awareness demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategies employed.


Flora’s case serves as a testament to the power of comprehensive SEO programs and targeted content strategies.